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Sam Maddali

Prem Kalidindi

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As a founder and managing partner of Maddali Realty, Sam oversees all aspects of the Company's operations. Sam brings extensive experience in real estate investment, development and management. His knowledge of asset management, proactive risk management and identifying ways to increase equity and cash flow are invaluable.

Prem is founder and managing partner of Vykunt Developers. He uses a multidisciplinary approach to real estate which allows him to supervise each phase of development from site selection to assessing environmental impact and financing options. Prem is a seasoned professional with experience in all sectors of real estate investment.

Founded by architect Yve Hopen and private investor Steven Haynes YNS Development Service has been in business since 2011. Together with their skilled team of designers, contractors and administrative staff, YNS Development Service specializes in building unique properties in emerging city neighborhoods. They to complete a variety of projects, including single and multi-family homes, interior design projects, and commercial space development with a special focus in Dallas and surrounding areas.

YNS Development Service's value proposition is centered around delivering high-quality construction and finish at a reasonable price point. They cater to urban professionals by creating efficient and well-designed floor plans that focus on clean interior design. Additionally, they prioritize sustainable and environmentally friendly practices by incorporating green technologies and concepts into their projects. Furthermore, their properties are designed to be smart and comfortable living spaces, aligning with the modern lifestyle.

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